Why Your Business Needs A Responsive Website

Responsive Website on a mobile phone

A responsive website is fast becoming a industry standard yet so many businesses have yet to switch. If this is something that you are thinking of doing for your business then you can click here to find out more. Having a good website is becoming a key thing in securing your business growth. A lot of people are worried as they think that it could be too expensive getting a successful business. But you could easily consider cheap cpanel hosting sites to get you started on improving your business website. It’s not too hard, and further if you struggle to do it by yourself then you can just ask for help.

When a website is designed many factors come into play in regards to how it should look and function. One of the key factors of the design process is the user experience. In our previous article, ‘Website Performance & User Experience’ we explored the various reasons why a good user experience is not only visual but also down to the performance of the website.

But with the user experience also comes a very defining and important factor. Which is making the website in question accessible to all users.

Why Accessibility Matters

If you imagine the scenario. If you owned a high street store where the main entrance was only half a meter wide and half a meter tall. Not only would you get strange looks from passers by but you would also lose out on a huge amount of customers because not many would be able to make their way into your shop.

The same rule applies to websites. If you’re not allowing full access to users then they will simply go elsewhere.

What a responsive website provides is an accessible format of your website, regardless of the device the user happens to be using. So what better user experience for your potential customers than a website which transforms itself to make all the content available readable and easy to access. People want to trust in ecommerce websites, that’s why there are loads of professional web designers who can help make your website perfect for your target audience.

If you’re still not convinced responsive websites are a good idea, lets run a few statistics past you.

In 2013, HubSpot reported that over 20% of Google searches were carried out on mobile devices. Equally as important was the fact that 61% of users had a better opinion of brands when they offer a good user/mobile experience.

Fast forward to the present day, the number of mobile users has now overtaken that of desktop users. More importantly, over 50% of searches are now performed on mobile devices.

So the case for a responsive website is now so strong that it simply can’t be ignored. It’s now almost unthinkable to accept having a website that is not allowing over 50% of users to access it in a user-friendly way. Take this as just one example as to why new companies that are looking to start selling their products or services online, will first want to read over informational resources such as this woocommerce seo guide in the effort to better the optimization of their eCommerce website for all users, not just mobile devices!

Is A Responsive Website More Expensive?

Here at westfourstreet, we don’t view responsive websites as being any different to a non-responsive site. In fact, we firmly believe that responsive website design should be a standard practice.

When we take on a web design project we never ask the question, ‘do you want your site to be responsive?’. It’s a real no brainer when it comes to mobile web design and as professional web designers we have a responsibility to deliver intuitive and modern websites. So with this taken into account, the cost of a responsive website should be no more or no less than what we would have charged before.

“A good web design agency will view responsive web design as standard procedure.”

Do Responsive Websites Rank Better?

In April 2015, Google took the positive step of announcing that a mobile-friendly website would be a ranking factor for mobile search results. What this would mean is that a responsive website would be more likely to rank higher in searches performed by mobile users than websites which were not responsive.

“Starting April 21, we will be expanding our use of mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal.” – Google.

It’s highly likely that over time this will have a huge impact on businesses that have yet to switch to a mobile-friendly website. So from a simple SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) point of view it makes sense to move with the times.

Taking The First Steps To Mobile-friendliness

Even if your existing website is large and jam-packed with content you shouldn’t allow this to put you off taking the first steps into commissioning a responsive site.

With the modern technologies available to us a web design agency, we have the tools and skills to easily migrate your existing content. In fact, the process is usually very simple and once migrated you can rest easy knowing that all the content you have been developing over the years will now be accessible to a much larger audience.

If you wish to to discuss the options available in making your existing website responsive and mobile-friendly we would be more than happy to meet with you over a coffee. Give us a call on Milton Keynes – 01908 967359 or click here to contact us.