What Is a Responsive Website?

Responsive website illustration

You may or may not have heard the phrase, ‘responsive web design’ or ‘responsive website’ and thought nothing of it. Understandable if not. In fact, you probably have better things on your mind. However, if you’re a business owner or you have a website in which you use to promote yourself or your services, it should be a phrase that you make note of if you’re not familiar with it.

Why? Well, statistics do not lie. Google announced last year that more Google searches take place on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets than they do on desktop computers. It was also highlighted in an article which was written by Ofcom last year. In the article, it was confirmed that more users in the UK were searching on their smartphones and tablets than they were on their home PCs. It’s an interesting read. View it here – The UK Is Now a Smartphone Society.

So let us cut right to the chase. How important is a responsive website and what exactly is a responsive website? A responsive website to put simply, is a website that reformats itself to be user friendly on the device that the user happens to be using at the time. Ever search the web for a site or service and found yourself having to zoom in to read the content? A responsive website will reformat itself so that the user gets the best possible user experience and can enjoy the content available without any compromises.

Why is this important? Firstly, you want to give your users the best possible user experience when they visit your site and more than likely have utilized website monitoring tools in the past to highlight potential problems within your website. You want your content and your message to reach any audience, regardless of how they have found you and what device they are using, but you don’t want them to encounter downtime or any problems that could make them search for another company/website. Secondly, if your website is ‘mobile-friendly’ you’ll stand a better chance of appearing on search results if a user has carried out their search on a mobile or tablet. Now surely you don’t want to miss out what could potentially be 60% of your web traffic? Absolutely not.

Here at westfourstreet, we believe Responsive Web Design and Web Development should now be standard practice within the industry.