Westfourstreet Shortlisted For Business of the Year

Business of the Year

Shortlisted For Business of the Year

As we walked into the office on this cold March morning, we were greeted with our usual pile of post. Mostly junk, of course. So as the first cup of coffee was being consumed, the junk went in the bin and the legitimate mail was then opened. Out of one of the envelopes came two invitations. So far, so good. We all like invites from time to time. The two invitations were from Business Weekly – the national newspaper for businesses. All of a sudden things went from good to amazing.

We had been invited to the Business Weekly Awards Presentation Dinner being held later this month. But not only that, the invite came courtesy of being shortlisted for the prestigious award of ‘Business of the Year’.

That coffee we mentioned earlier nearly came crashing to the floor as the realisation of this fantastic recognition became apparent.

So we will be attending the awards ceremony at Queens’ College, Cambridge on March 22nd for what promises to be quite the night.

As always, we would like to just thank the organisers & judges for considering our Milton Keynes based web design company for this award. It’s a great honour to be amongst a small selection of outstanding businesses in this particular category.

Roll on March 22nd. Time for a coffee.