Westfourstreet Interviewed By Bucks Business First

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Interview With Bucks Business First

A few weeks ago we were approached by Buckinghamshire Business First (BBF) for an interview with them. They wanted to discuss with us how our web design company in Milton Keynes has expanded over the years and the benefits of being a member of the BBF organisation.

It was very flattering to be asked by such a well respected group to be featured in their newsletter and on their website. Plus, the interview was great fun! Even though the questions were very much to the point, it was a very relaxed discussion and highly enjoyable too.

Gareth Barlow who is the Creative Content Executive at BBF really took the time to research into our business, our history and the clients we work for.

We discussed how westfourstreet went from being one individual working from home to a team of seven creatives in the period of six years. Now, the company has grown significantly. With seven employees working for the company, the business has had to adapt to remote working with different technology to help everyone communicate and work together. They’ve even considered financial tech to help manage the cashflow such a decision would affect (go here for an example of one such software).

One of the business tools that has made the process of working from home easier is Sharepoint. This allows us to share documents and files, ensuring that everyone can access the documents that they need to complete their work.

Additionally, the business has been thinking of incorporating a SharePoint Essentials Toolkit from Cognillo that would help the company to manage SharePoint documents and create customized reports to manage data. All of this would help the employees to work together. Of course, making sure that the employees could work well together is such an important priority. But so is ensuring that they have everything that they need when they are working from home. This might just mean that they need a new filing cabinet from somewhere like Office Monster (check out https://www.officemonster.co.uk/filing-cabinets–1 for more information) to store their documents, or it could be that they don’t have a dedicated office space to work from at home and they need a solution, such as a room divider (https://www.versare.com/room-divider-360-accordion-portable-partition/) to help them to separate their living space from their working space. Maybe they just need that little extra support from the business to help keep them motivated – whatever it is, it is important that the business supports them.

We also discussed the benefits of being a member of BBF and how the resources have helped develop the business since we joined.

You can view the full interview here on the Bucks Business First website.

Following on from this, and something we mentioned last week, radio station Mix96 have us lined up for an interview over the airwaves to discuss similar subjects with them. This will take place on Monday 13th June at 7pm and will also be available to download on iTunes the following day.

It’s been truly fantastic year for all of us at westfourstreet so far and I personally want to give a huge shout out to all the westfourstreet ‘warriors’ who every single day give every ounce of their creative talent to push the business forward and deliver nothing but exceptional work to our clients. Thank you guys!