Westfourstreet Expands

There has been so much hard work behind the scenes here at westfourstreet the past few months, that it feels quite strange that I’m finally writing this on the eve of our largest announcement. Whereas before I may have mentioned ‘I’, as you can now gather, the business has now become ‘we’.

Due to the ever increasing size of the projects coming in to the business, it was obvious to me that perhaps I was spreading myself a little too thin. With over 120 clients, it was decided back in the summer of 2015 that the business needs more of a head count – and what an amazingly talented lineup we now have.

When deciding on who to recruit as a westfourstreet ‘warrior’ I kept being reminded in the back of my mind of the following quote.

The secret of my success is that we have gone to exceptional lengths to hire the best people in the world.

Steve Jobs

Now it’s fair to say, I can’t travel the world to hire the best people in the creative industry, nor could I get away with spending months away from my wife and two children doing this. Strong words would have been said I’m sure! But what I can do is look around me. Look at who I admire, who I’ve worked with and who I trust. But also look at the individuals with the same desire, talent and drive to success and to to constantly create amazing work.

I’m in the fortunate position of being surrounded by these types of people. So back in August, 2015 I sent out a few emails. Made a few calls. I explained what I wanted to do and the direction I wanted to take the business. I wanted westfourstreet to be more than just a web design and print design & web/app development business. I wanted to be in a position to offer the full marketing package to my existing clients as well as our new clients.

The response I received was incredible. I picked my six ‘warriors’ and they all agreed. Each one bringing their own unique skills to the business. Take a look at the profiles of each team member and you’ll see that each one individually has had a hugely successful career to date.

We are now in a position to offer the same affordable service to the ‘start-up’ business’ as well as managing successfully the larger projects that arrive.

I’m very proud and honoured to have these guys on board. Now it’s time to get back to work!