Website & Branding For Moosaic Marketing Launched

Moosaic Marketing - Website Designed by Westfourstreet

Website & Graphic Design Branding

Moosaic Marketing are a Milton Keynes based marketing agency who specialise in B2B marketing. We were approached by Moosaic Marketing founder, Charlotte Godwin to design a new website for her business and to develop the business branding.

Earlier this week we looked at the process behind the logo and brand design – view the article here. In this article we will focus on the website design process and how we worked to deliver the final product.

The Project Brief

Charlotte was very keen on the popular one-page sites she had come across before. So she asked us to find a creative solution which would allow for all the key business services to be highlighted. We worked our way through early design concepts based around the popular Oreades framework and presented our ideas to Charlotte.

Thankfully Charlotte was thrilled with the outcome. So we then went about our business to add enhanced features, which would really capture the users imagination and give a rich user experience. Some of the features included parallax scrolling, mobile friendly elements as well as a top feature banner which would create an immediate impact.

The Creative Process

Our creative process for this project was well structured from the start. From the beginning we sat down with Charlotte and shared our initial ideas. These ideas were based around the original project brief.

With many of our design projects, we supply our clients with a ‘client project sheet’. What this short document allows our clients to do is to identify their marketing strategies and to pinpoint their requirements. A project sheet is a great way to define a brief for a website or for branding and sets expectations on what will be delivered.

Content Management System (CMS)

It was made clear from the beginning that Moosaic wanted to have access to the website in order to keep content fresh and up to date. So we discussed with them the various CMS solutions available. After demonstrating various systems, WordPress was chosen and we were happy as always to provide free training on how the popular CMS works.

The website has had great feedback and we’re delighted to have Moosaic Marketing as one of our local customers.

You can visit the Moosaic Marketing website here –