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So you have a perfectly designed website, but the backend is letting you down? Great web design must always be backed up with even better web development. A well structured and coded website can make all the difference between success and failure.

For the past six years we have offered affordable web development in Milton Keynes which can really make a difference. With the ever growing number of websites now being indexed/found by Google and the other major search engines, it’s essential that your shiny new website performs. When we discuss this with our clients, we explain the importance of good markup/coding and the impact it can have on their SEO (search engine optimisation). We take great care when we develop our websites, to ensure that your business has every possible chance of a good ranking for both local and nationwide searches.

With the ever increasing use of smartphones, it goes without saying that every website we develop is responsive. What is a responsive website? In a nutshell, it means that a website is responsive to the users platform. So if a user was to access your website on their smartphone or tablet, the website would reformat itself to be useable and accessible for that user on their chosen device.

All the websites that we have developed in the past three years are responsive and mobile friendly. This should be a standard procedure with any new website being built in todays market. So if you’re looking for web development Milton keynes, give us a call and we’ll be happy to help.

Great website design must always be backed up with even better website development




Our Web Development Process

The first phase of any web project is actually the research undertaken to understand your business, its brand and its target audience. From there we move on to initial concepts and these take place during the web design phase.

After the web design phase, it’s time to develop the website. In our opinion, a responsive website should be standard procedure. You can read about what a responsive website is in our news item – What Is a Responsive Website?. We treat our web development process with as much care and attention as we do with our web design process.

Great Coding

Why do we take care? Put it this way, if you went to purchase a new car, you’d expect it run effortlessly, right? Of course. But just because a website looks great from the outside looking in, it’s what lurks behind the scenes that could cause long term damage. For example, how a website is structured within the coding can impact massively on your search engine results (SEO). Google appreciates nothing better than good structure and even better and relevant content.

So if content is King, then the cogs behind the website is sitting pretty right beside it on that website throne! Here in Milton Keynes, westfourstreet treat every single web design and development project the same. Regardless of project size or whatever prestige the client holds. We are only as good as our last website, so it’s of utmost importance to us that no shortcuts are taken and every consideration is taken to deliver not only a beautiful looking responsive website, but that it outperforms the other sites on the internet highway!

Web Development


So if content is King, then the cogs behind the website is sitting pretty right beside it on that website throne!




Content Management Systems

User on a laptop updating a website

Whether or not you’re familiar with what a Content Management System (CMS) is or indeed does, it’s something that you will most likely want to consider for your website.

In a nutshell, a CMS is an online system used to manage content found on a website. It allows you to easily add or update page content, images, menus – pretty much everything!

What this gives to you is complete control over your website content, without the need of a web developer or designer to make changes. So from a business sense, it makes perfect sense. No more waiting for changes or amends to be made.

We offer a wide variety of tried, tested and very well respected Content Management Systems. Each one of these can be demonstrated to you prior to any web development taking place. Allowing you the opportunity to see which one you feel comfortable with which one provides you with what you need going forward. Full training is provided at no extra cost and our on-going support will ensure that you’ll never have to chase for updates ever again.

Here are some popular Content Management Systems we work with: WordPressJoomlaExpression EngineDrupal.



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Well, we’re only as good as our last project, so I guess it’s a good thing we push ourselves harder with each new job! We’ll cut to the chase and display the most recent projects for you to take a ganders at. Head over to our portfolio and take a look.

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If you’re looking for an experienced and hugely talented digital agency to create a new website, or you’re looking for some help to promote your brand on the web, westfourstreet can provide a top notch service and support you every step of the way.

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All of us here at westfourstreet are based in Milton Keynes. The majority of the team have also lived here for most of our lives. So we have, lets say, a very large soft spot for the residents and businesses based here too. We are proud to be part of Milton Keynes.

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It’s not only web design services that we offer in Milton Keynes. We provide the full marketing package.

Web Design

From early wireframing, through to delivering visual concepts and detailing clearly the user experience and site functionality, it’s at this stage of web design that the birth of something pretty special takes place – Find out more

App Design

Screen visuals are designed, showcasing the Apps front-end visuals, through to the user experience and app functionality. We design and develop amazing apps for all kinds of business’ and front-end users – Find out more

Graphic Design

Whether or not you have existing brand guidelines, or your business is in need of rebranding, westfourstreet will design and deliver quality graphic design, which will elevate your marketing needs – Find out more

Web Development

Well-developed and responsive web development allowing your users to use and experience your site, regardless of what platform they’re using. Mobile, tablet or desktop – Find out more

App Development

Fast loading, reliable and allowing you full control over the content, our app development will provide you and your users the perfect platform in which to access information, products or communicate freely – Find out more

Search Engine Optimisation

A beautiful and functional website is great, but if your potential customers are not able to find you with their search terms, you’ll be left behind. A well optimised website is always one of the first items on our check list – Find out more

Web Hosting

With daily backups, firewall protection and constant scanning for potential attacks, our web hosting offers speed, reliability and safety for your online presence. With Cloud Hosting available, you’ll always be able to access what you need, regardless of your location.


An often overlooked aspect of print and web design is the content. Here at westfourstreet we have the skills at hand to deliver web and print copywriting. Geared up for optimisation on the web and perfect marketing material in your printed publications.

UX & UI Design

We care deeply about, and specialise in UI (user-interface) design for web apps as well as software. The journey from A to B should be an enjoyable but intuitive UX (user-experience) and shouldn’t compromise the design or vice versa.



our clients

To name but a few… From small to large national business’ right through to international fashion designers – We love working for them all.

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