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We have been offering web design in Milton Keynes for over five years. We are a web design company, specialising in website design and online marketing. We also offer businesses in Milton Keynes services such as graphic design, web development & app development, social media campaigns and SEO analysis.

Each individual team member at westfourstreet has a wealth of experience in their chosen speciality. So whether you’re trying to find a web designer, or talented print designers to bring your printed marketing materials to life, or simply to make your business more visible online through social media campaigns or via SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), westfourstreet comes as the full package.

You’ll be surprised by the costs. Here at westfourstreet we are still in the unique position to be able to offer affordable web design. We firmly believe in quoting for each project on a project-by-project basis. Not on the size of your business! You need to be happy with your website design service, that is why research in this area is a huge must. If you are unable to use our services due to a differing in location or needs, you may want to check out others like to see what else is out there. You want to be fulfilled with what you get out of this experience.

We are more than happy to meet with you and discuss your business and have a chat over a cuppa, about your specific web design or marketing requirements. We can also assist you with helping write your website brief.

Understanding your client, their business and their target audience is absolute key

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Our Web Design Process

We hear so often from disgruntled businesses when they first call us that their existing website is letting them down. It ranges from poor search engine results, right through to the website not delivering the core values and branding of the business. So how does this happen? From our experience, it’s down to the web designers not taking the time to do their research into the target audience the website is trying to reach. It’s actually pretty simple, but gets overlooked on so many occasions. The UK is swimming with ever progressing design agencies. different types of designs agencies have different qualities to suit the needs of your website and business. For example, there are many a design agency manchester way. This is important because everyone is different. It is the diversity and uniqueness of you and your platform that entices your target audience.
For us, the success of any project stems directly from the initial meeting, the brief provided and our own internal research. From our office in Milton Keynes, westfourstreet firmly believe that by taking the time to understand a business and it’s brand, our clients will reap the rewards. That’s always the very first item in our design process. So before we even fire up Photoshop to begin designing a site, we have a clear vision that is shared with our client on what the website should be achieving in the short term and long term.

Design Concepts

After the research phase, that’s when we get creative! We 100% believe that content is king. You should never have to compromise on your online content in order to achieve a beautiful looking website. In fact, we believe that the two should sit nicely along side each other. What we deliver to our clients during the design phase are wireframes and concepts on the site structure and how the content is presented. From that point we then focus on the detail which makes the difference between a standard website, to a website that stands out both visually as well as have the impact to entice users further in.

If the UX (User Experience) is of high quality and the UI (User Interface) is intuitive to the user, then you’re already half way home. An essential part of our design process is to ensure that every website is optimised for speed. Once we have delivered the design concepts to a client and these have been approved, we then move swiftly on to getting the website built according to the designs that we have provided and which were signed off and approved. So if you’re a business looking for web design in Milton Keynes, or your own local web design agency is letting you down, why not give us a call or contact us here.

Ben De Lisi website as seen on a Macbook Pro

You should never have to compromise on your online content in order to achieve a beautiful looking website

Responsive Website Design

Responsive web design on a smartphone

According to Google, more searches now take place on mobile devices than on desktops. So the importance of having a mobile friendly website is now greater than ever.

A responsive, mobile friendly website allows your users to experience your website regardless of what device they’re using. A responsive website will automatically reformat itself so that the best possible user experience is achieved – and a good user experience equals better conversion rates for your website.

We have been designing for the web for over ten years and we love nothing more than getting our hands dirty with designing responsive websites. So much so we have written about responsive web design several times.

We have designed, developed and optimised many websites for businesses and individuals looking to engage their users and provide the perfect mobile browsing experience. Sometimes, the issue can be in the hosting provider. Check out m247 on LinkedIn, who can help with fast web hosting!

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E-commerce Website Design

When it comes to e-commerce websites, we understand the importance of branding and how best to engage users.

If you’re looking to sell your products online then you will need a website which will encourage users to part with their cash and to make them feel reassured that your site is trustworthy.

With our extensive knowledge of user experience design we can design and develop an online shop for you and your business which will be engaging, easy to use and with a fully secure checkout process.

We have worked with such companies as World Pay, Sage and PayPal to deliver outstanding e-Commerce solutions.

So whether you’re selling small or large items, individually or in bulk, we have the systems in-house which will easily and securely handle the transactions that take place. You will also be able to keep check on stock levels, customer orders and even offer special discounts as part of your promotions.

Having an e-Commerce website designed and built for you doesn’t have to be expensive and we offer a very affordable e-Commerce package to suit you and your business.

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e-Commerce website design as seen on a tablet

Recently Launched

Phat Pasty Screengrabs

Phat Pasty

Milton Keynes based Phat Pasty approached us to redesign their website in 2015.

When we were approached, the guys at Phat Pasty provided us with an insight into their brand, who they wanted to target with the website and their goals in regards to increasing web traffic – which would eventually lead through to further sales or enquiries.

After the initial meeting, we went about our business and after extensive market research we began our process of designing concepts. During this phase we would regularly keep in touch to share our ideas. It was a real pleasure to work on this project as it really allowed us the freedom to span our creative wings so to speak.

The end product – which can be viewed in our portfolio – delivered a hugely unique website which embraced the branding and quite simply the fun of what Phat Pasty deliver to their own customers.

You can visit the new Phat Pasty website here:

Screenshots of the new Ride Leisure website

Ride Leisure

Ride Leisure who are based in Bedfordshire have been well established for over 15 years and offer amazing, adrenaline filled days out for both domestic and corporate customers.

Ride have been a client of ours for the past six years and when we were approached to redesign their website we couldn’t wait to get started. The previous version of their website was starting to look dated and one of the key reasons for the redesign was to ensure that mobile users would be able to access the site.

One of the key features required from the redesign was the ability to sell vouchers to users in a quick, secure and easy way. So we went about our business redesigning the site and looking for the best eCommerce solution for both Ride and their customers. In April, 2016 the new site was launched!

You can find out more about this project in our portfolio. But we’re pleased to say how delighted both ourselves and Ride were with the end result, as well as the hugely complimentary comments they’ve had from their customers about the redesign.

You can visit the new Ride Leisure website here:

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Well, we’re only as good as our last project, so I guess it’s a good thing we push ourselves harder with each new job! We’ll cut to the chase and display the most recent projects for you to take a ganders at. Head over to our portfolio and take a look.

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If you’re looking for an experienced and hugely talented digital agency to create a new website, or you’re looking for some help to promote your brand on the web, westfourstreet can provide a top notch service and support you every step of the way.

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It’s not only web design services that we offer in Milton Keynes. We provide the full marketing package.

Web Design

From early wireframing, through to delivering visual concepts and detailing clearly the user experience and site functionality, it’s at this stage of web design that the birth of something pretty special takes place – Find out more

App Design

Screen visuals are designed, showcasing the Apps front-end visuals, through to the user experience and app functionality. We design and develop amazing apps for all kinds of business’ and front-end users – Find out more

Graphic Design

Whether or not you have existing brand guidelines, or your business is in need of rebranding, westfourstreet will design and deliver quality graphic design, which will elevate your marketing needs – Find out more

Web Development

Well-developed and responsive web development allowing your users to use and experience your site, regardless of what platform they’re using. Mobile, tablet or desktop – Find out more

App Development

Fast loading, reliable and allowing you full control over the content, our app development will provide you and your users the perfect platform in which to access information, products or communicate freely – Find out more

Search Engine Optimisation

A beautiful and functional website is great, but if your potential customers are not able to find you with their search terms, you’ll be left behind. A well optimised website is always one of the first items on our check list – Find out more

Web Hosting

With daily backups, firewall protection and constant scanning for potential attacks, our web hosting offers speed, reliability and safety for your online presence. With Cloud Hosting available, you’ll always be able to access what you need, regardless of your location.


An often overlooked aspect of print and web design is the content. Here at westfourstreet we have the skills at hand to deliver web and print copywriting. Geared up for optimisation on the web and perfect marketing material in your printed publications.

UX & UI Design

We care deeply about, and specialise in UI (user-interface) design for web apps as well as software. The journey from A to B should be an enjoyable but intuitive UX (user-experience) and shouldn’t compromise the design or vice versa.

our clients

To name but a few… From small to large national business’ right through to international fashion designers – We love working for them all.

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