Unexpected MK Has Launched

Milton Keynes Theatre

UnexpectedMK – Marketing Campaign Launches For Milton Keynes

Milton Keynes has had its fair share of critics since it was founded way back in 1967.

From its iconic (or ironic) concrete cows through to its roundabouts, Milton Keynes (or MK as it’s referred to by us residents) certainly has many pre-conceived ideas from the general public.

However, if you scratch the surface there is a lot more to MK than just the above.

Westfourstreet have been an established website design agency in Milton Keynes since 2010. Many of us have lived here all our lives. So we’re familiar with some of the shots taken towards our beloved town. So naturally we are delighted that the Destination Milton Keynes backed project ‘UnexpectedMK’ has now launched.

The aim of the project is to embark on a marketing campaign which will challenge people’s pre-conceived ideas of Milton Keynes. As with all things MK, the campaign is looking for local residents and visitors to highlight their #unexpected discoveries or experiences in Milton Keynes.

The marketing campaign is encouraging social media users to post, tweet, retweet or share these discoveries and here at westfourstreet we will be taking part too!

UnexpectedMK is the second project we will actively be involved in which celebrates the 50th anniversary of Milton Keynes. A few weeks ago we were delighted to announce that we’re sponsoring the MK50 Photography Project.

Visual Marketing

The visual marketing for the UnexpectedMK project will definitely turn some heads. The first roll out will be across the London Transport system which will include Euston Station. The campaign will also be seen across targeted underground stations too. Following on from that, there will be campaigns which will include online marketing, regional radio campaigns and a TV advertisement in 2017.


Keep your eyes peeled for the banners! Brilliantly put together by Gill Prince & Blue Cube.

To find out more about the project, visit the Destination Milton Keynes website – www.destinationmiltonkeynes.co.uk/About-us/UnexpectedMK