New Ride Leisure Website Launches

Ride Lesiure website design as seen on a laptop

Ride Leisure Website Relaunches

Ride Leisure have been a client of ours for over five years so when we were approached by them to redesign their website we were naturally delighted.

For those of you who don’t know, Ride Lesiure are based at Wyboston Lakes in Bedfordshire and offer a range of water sports as well as hosting corporate events and team building days out.

The previous version of their website was nearly seven years old towards the end of last year and so the time had come to give the site a fresh lick of paint and get it mobile friendly.

When managing director, Adam Clements contacted us to say he wanted to get the site redesigned we were excited to say the least. The water sports industry is one that usually has pretty strong branded businesses within it. With the likes of O’Neill and Billabong offering a strong brand identity, a similar approach was required with Ride. After all, their target audience would have a level of expectation of what to expect from a business that offers wakeboarding and jetski experiences to name just a few.

Example of the Ride Leisure call to action

The Website Redesign Process

After meeting with Adam and the guys from Ride, we had a very clear idea of the branding the new website would require. We shared our ideas with them, sent over some initial visuals of the website and we were given the green light to go ahead and design the additional pages.

One of the key selling points for Ride is their use of vouchers. Allowing customers to purchase vouchers for themselves or as a gift for a friend or family member, this approach allowed customers to easily book a time slot to indulge in their favourite water sport.

So a lot of the design phase was focussed on pushing the sale of the vouchers to the end user. We wanted to ensure that at any point of the users visit to the website, they were only ever one click away from purchasing a voucher.


Following on from the vouchers, there was the requirement to be able to actually sell all the vouchers for each activity to users via the website. Because each voucher would need to generate a unique reference number we had to build a system in which would transfer the users details on to the voucher as well as place the unique reference number on it. Then once the purchase was completed the user was then able to download the voucher from the automated email which was sent out after completion.

This new system has now allowed Ride to be in the position where they no longer have to manually enter customer details on to each and every voucher. Before the new site, this process was proving to be very time consuming. Now a customer can purchase a voucher, have it delivered to them electronically and Ride can get on with taking customers out for the ride of their life!

The Final Product

Last week the newly redesigned website was launched without a glitch. Having been thoroughly tested and put through its paces it turned out to be a very straight forward launch.

We’ve loved working on this project as it was one of those where we could really flex our creative muscles and have the freedom to design and pay close attention to the UX (user experience).

You can view the new Ride Leisure website here –