Westfourstreet Announce MK50 Photography Project Sponsorship

Landscape shot of Campbell Park in Milton Keynes

The MK50 Photography Project

As Milton Keynes draws nearer to its 50th anniversary celebrations, we are proud to announce that we have recently become the fourth sponsor for the MK50 Photography Project.

As mentioned above, the project was launched as part of the city’s 50th anniversary celebrations and will showcase Milton Keynes in all its glory in a photography book due to be published in December.

The project is being spear-headed by local freelance urban, landscape and travel photographer Gill Prince. The book will feature 50 urban, landscape and architectural images of Milton Keynes as it is today and promises to be a perfect tribute to our thriving and fantastic city.

Here at westfourstreet we’re incredibly proud to be a web design agency based in Milton Keynes so it was a no brainer to become an official sponsor of the MK50 Photography Project and to help cover production costs for the initial 500 print run.

Gill explained her reasons and motivation behind the book:

“I am a passionate supporter of Milton Keynes and take every opportunity to tell those who are less ‘informed’ never to judge based on perception or hearsay, but instead to come and see for themselves. My aim is that this selection of images will go some way to helping people understand what a beautiful and often surprising town we live in.”

The project is being run in association with Milton Keynes Council who are actively supporting the project.

Ongoing Support

As some of you will be aware, we also sponsor MK Storm who were recently crowned division champions and our sponsorship of the MK50 Photography Project is another step towards our ongoing support within the local community.

We believe passionately about supporting local businesses and clubs and we’re delighted to be involved with this particular project as its one which appeals to our creative instincts.

It was also pleasing to see the local media pick up on the story and for OneMK to feature us when our sponsorship was announced. You can view their article here – Fourth Sponsor Announced For MK50 Photography Project

To find out more on the MK50 Photography Project visit Gill’s website here