MK Snap chosen to be our ‘Charity of the Year’

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MK Snap chosen to be our ‘Charity of the Year’

Community. A word which by its very definition means a group of any size who reside in a specific locality.

We have been an established creative design business in Milton Keynes for coming up to 8-years now and one of our key passions is the community in which we work and live. Both the business community as well as the local residents and charities. After all, they have in their own unique ways been supportive of our work since being founded and it was discussed in our early years of formation that we would contribute and pay something pack to our community however and whenever we could.

Over the years the business has become more and more sustainable, allowing us the freedom to donate time and money to causes we feel passionate about in the MK area.

This year we became corporate members of The Milton Keynes Community Foundation as well as provide financial support to The Arts Gateway and The MK Fringe Festival. Being charitable does not always mean just providing financial support either. Providing resources and time are just as valuable. Plus, it also gets us out of the office once in a while!

MK Snap have been on our radar for a few years now. Although they were established in 1992, it was only within the past 3-4 years that they really became noticeable to us personally, most likely coinciding with the opening of their fantastic new building and facilities in Walnut Tree.

Exterior of MK Snap

And what an unbelievably fantastic charity they are.

MK Snap offers professional support to learners with a range of learning difficulties and challenges. On their website they have mentioned how learners feel like a part of a large family and this translated across to us so evidently and clearly.

So we approached MK Snap immediately after New Year to inform them that we would absolutely love to make them our ‘charity of the year’. Soon after, we were invited to visit the team and learners at their Walnut Tree facility to experience first hand the wonderful community they have developed over the years.

Throughout the entire organisation there is such a spirit and enthusiasm. I’m absolutely certain that we will never get another heartfelt greeting anywhere else ever again like the one that greeted us that day.

Learning at MK Snap

For the entire time spent on-site our decision to support MK Snap was constantly being reaffirmed. From the staff members through to the learners themselves, the community in place at MK Snap is truly is a force of nature.

So it is with much delight that we can name MK Snap as our ‘charity of the year’. We will be providing both our time and financial support to the charity throughout 2018 and we will continue to do so far beyond this year too. We’re here for the long run guys!

The passion and fun at MK Snap is infectious so any possible opportunity to support and work with them all will be taken at a drop of a hat.

Thank you to westfourstreet for choosing MK Snap as your Charity of the Year for 2018. We look forward to a successful year and are really excited about this new local partnership – Matthew French, MK Snap

If you want to find out more about MK Snap you can visit their website here or contact them on 01908 690330. You can also donate to them here.