Milton Keynes is now a Gigabit City

Illustration of connecting networks

Gigabit Speeds Now Available In Milton Keynes

It was announced today that Milton Keynes is now officially a gigabit city. What does this mean? What is gigabit? Well it means that MK is now home to the state-of-the-art gigabit speed fibre network.

The future-proof network will be available to schools and colleges in Milton Keynes as well as local businesses. This will be made possible by CityFibre’s educational sector launch partner Exa networks.

This is big news for the businesses based in the city. For many businesses in the city, they have suffered from internet speeds well below the government’s defined measure of superfast broadband. But that is now set to change.

It will open so many doors in regards to how they can now use technology and advanced applications.

The digital infrastructure provider, CityFibre will be implementing over 160km of pure fibre network. This is fantastic news, especially for web design agencies such as ourselves as the nature of our business is very much online.

How This Will Affect Your Business

The gigabit network will deliver ultra-fast speeds of up to a whopping 1000Mbps. This will allow businesses in Milton Keynes to make use of next generation services and a whole host of new applications.

These applications will provide extremely useful and practical solutions which will benefit from the new gigabit network.

Presentations and VOIP calls will now run effortlessly without the risk of constant buffering. So no more interrupted calls overseas. In addition to this, business critical services will run smoothly and will be completely independent of any existing infrastructure.

For us personally here at westfourstreet it will help improve productivity whilst we work on developing websites for our clients. It will also mean that large web and graphic design files will transfer quickly to our clients. In a nutshell, we will be able to work so much more efficiently.

Milton Keynes is one of the fastest growing cities in the UK. With employment growth estimated to hit 4.7 percent, this new network will only strengthen that growth further.

Getting Connected

Local businesses, public sector organisations and schools are now able to register their interest and with no obligation either.

More details of the new gigabit network will become available via the local news stations. But we are delighted that this has now been made available.

Website Design & Development Productivity

As mentioned before, being a web design agency the majority of our work is carried out online. So with this super-fast fibre technology being made available we will no doubt see productivity levels rise. We will be able to connect to our web servers with virtually no waiting time. We will be able to send large design files to our clients in a matter of seconds. Plus we will be able to test websites in that are in development far more efficiently.

Sounds good to us!