Milton Keynes College Official Partner 2018

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Milton Keynes College Official Partner 2018

It is with great pride that we can announce that MK College have made us an official partner for 2018.

It’s a huge honour and as an official partner we will continue to work closely with the college to support them and the development of their students. It’s a responsibility that we will thrive upon as we understand the importance of education at a young age and how it can evolve into a long and successful career.

Already we have actively begun to lend our support to the students in the form of work experience. Recently we had 16-year-old student Tom, who is currently studying Media Studies, spend some time with us which involved working here in our studio as well as travelling to Wales for a film shoot and filming locally at the Open University.

Filming web design

We were very conscious of the fact that work experience can at times be less ‘hands on’ and more observant so we were very keen to have Tom actively work as a member of the team and be very much hands on. We felt it would be far more rewarding for Tom to put into practice the skills he had learnt at the college as well as learn from our processes and work ethics.

Work experience student wen design

It was a brilliant experience for all of us and Tom was a genuine credit to the college. His work ethic was outstanding and his commitment to soak up as much as he could during his five days was fantastic to witness. He relished the opportunity to meet our clients and they too were impressed with his professional yet sociable approach.

In 2018 we look forward to collaborating with the College and explore various different ways to enhance the learning experience of their students. In the short term, we will continue to take on students for work experience, providing them enriching and insightful glimpses into the inner workings of a digital design studio.

Towards the end of the year we will be exploring apprentice schemes with the college and will look to provide an apprenticeship to one of their students.

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