Jog My Dog Website Launch

Mary pictured with her dogs

We are delighted to announce that the website for Milton Keynes based pet care service, Jog My Dog is now launched. We loved working on this project for Mary. From the web design phase through to development.

Mary from Jog My Dog came to us late last year with details of what she wanted from her new website in regards to its content. We discussed with her in depth our ideas on how to brand the startup business and how to positively target the type of customers she was after. If you have a similar sort of business or are thinking about opening your own pet shop, you may want to think about looking at a wholesale pet supplies distributors who can provide you with all the pet care you need to look after the animals as well as making your business successful. It’s easy to see that Mary will have a ready-made customer base of dog owners waiting to make use of this service. Hopefully, her website will be as well-received as is amongst dog owners who are looking for more and more ways to care for and treat their pups.

We took the same approach as we have on many other projects and we carried out our research. After just a short period, we were then in a position to focus on the design phase.

Before we began working on the site design, our attention was solely on the branding. First item on the agenda was the logo, followed soon after by the letterheads and business cards. Once we had established the branding, we then shifted our focus on to the web design, Mary at this point got some CFO consulting help for a small start up business that allowed to her to improve on parts of the website she didn’t think she’d be able to do so soon! Those looking to venture into the exciting world of startup businesses may want to get all the information they can on the matter to help them succeed. Check out this website to find some informative articles –

With a strict deadline provided to us, we went about our business designing the site with an April launch date set in stone. Thankfully Mary loved the work that we carried out on the site design and we moved swiftly on to the development phase.

With two weeks to spare before the proposed launch date, the site was ready and it’s one we’re very fond off. And not just because there are plenty of cute dog pictures on show! It was a genuine pleasure to work for Mary and her company on this project and we wish her all the very best with her pet care service and we look forward to providing ongoing support to her and her business in 2016.

Visit the Jog My Dog website