9 Mobile Apps to Support Your Creativity

Mobile app icons on a mobile

Looking for Mobile Apps to support your creativity?

With more mobile phones in the world than clean toilets, it’s clear they’ve become a valuable tool. And as anti-social as it may seem to be head-down, engrossed in a mobile device all-day long, there are a mass of apps out there that can do wonders for your creativity. All you need is an idea. Here are my top 9 apps for supporting creativity…

1) Wunderlist

Wunderlist mobile app icon
Making lists may be dull and boring but it’s how most of us get stuff done. But multiple roles, duties and ever-competing demands can see lists becoming one long slither of words that never gets crossed off. Not very satisfying. Meet Wunderlist… a great app which you can sync to all devices, including your desktop, to help manage your ‘to dos’, leaving more time for creativity. You can split lists into folders, put a star next to important tasks, share lists and assign tasks to others, set reminders and deadlines. And if you upgrade you can assign documents too.

You don’t even need it for ‘to dos’, Wunderlist can be used to keep a record of monthly payments, creative ideas, inspiration, family food shop items, you name it. Don’t tell anyone but I’ve also started compiling a Christmas list…

2) Photosplash

photosplash mobile app icon
This app pulls in your photographs in black and white and then allows you to pick out specific elements – using the tip of your finger – in colour. For example, here’s a great picture I took at a friend’s wedding, made even greater by highlighting part of it in colour. The bride was so chuffed with this image she’s asked for a framed copy. As long as you don’t go OTT, this app can help make a great photo an awesome one.

Example of image change using Photosplash

3) Buffer

Buffer - a creative mobile app icon
This is a great one for small businesses. The Buffer app allows you to write and schedule social media posts as far in advance as you like. You can schedule posts to specific dates and times on Twitter, Facebook and more recently Instagram. It’s particularly great if you want to repeat a tweet or reword one slightly for am and pm to get two bites of the Twitter cherry, or your content is ready to go but you’d rather post at an optimum time later on.

Or you can ‘Buffer’ your posts which means setting a more rigid schedule (say four posts a day at 10.15am, 12.02pm, 5.37pm and 8.05pm for five days of the week. Then, when you compose a post the app will put your tweets in a queue and post them, one by one, according to your set schedule.

This is a free app (sync to all devices plus desktop) but if you ‘go awesome’ you can do a whole lot more. Personally, I think the free version is great and the Buffer team on Twitter are super friendly if you ever have a query.

4) Splice

Splice mobile app icon
A great app for splicing together short video clips or images (the latter of which you can turn into a video using the Ken Burns effect). The Splice mobile app Drop and drag your clips into order, trim them, add effects, add text and export straight to social media or save to your camera role. It’s really simple to use and a great step into mobile video editing. Keep a 30 second video in in mind when you start, no longer, and see what you come up with.

5) Thinglink

ThingLink - creative mobile app icon
Awesome app for creating interactive images, with clickable links through to websites, video, more images or even event booking pages. The ThingLink mobile app is great for creating maps or photographic ‘lists’ of things you’d like to label, for example, this list of #mojo kit I carry with me. It works via app and on desktop (although you can’t add raw video files via the desktop version) and if you upgrade (annual fee paid up front) you can ditch the Thinglink branding and customise your icons.

6) JamSnap

JamSnap mobile app icon
Another way to make an image interactive, this time using audio. Load your image and then add soundbites where appropriate to bring your image to life. This mobile app is perfect for presentations or for a unique take on interactive media. It’s incredibly intuitive to use and within a matter of minutes you will have audio added to a static image. JamSnap creates a whole host of creative possibilities and is similar to the Thinglink app above.

7) Boomerang

Boomerang - creative mobile app icon
If you don’t have the patience or storytelling skills to shoot video, this is a good introduction; capturing little moments on camera and then repeating them. Boomerang is part of the Instagram family and you can save your mini video motion clips to your camera roll if you’re not brave enough to post them straight to social media.

8) Legend

Legend - creative mobile app icon
Throw some words (and an image if you want to) into this app and create a legend. Great for short statements, inspirational quotes or catchphrases, these text-based animations look really professional. This creative mobile app is highly addictive too and the developers offer excellent support should you ever need it.

9) Headspace

Headspace - creative mobile app icon
After all that you’ll want to rest your brain cells and replenish the creative juices. Arianna Huffington of Huff Post fame flies the flag for what she refers to as the third metric – otherwise known as time out, meditation, mindfulness – anything that clears the mind and resets you for the day ahead.

The Headspace mobile app is series of 10-minute meditation exercises to help you reorder the thoughts in your head and file them away so you can focus and prioritise or switch off from thinking completely while you get a full and uncluttered sleep.