Cost Effective Digital Marketing Strategies

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What Is Digital Marketing?

In a nutshell, digital marketing is an essential form of marketing that takes place online. That was easy wasn’t it? You don’t HAVE to be an SEO Expert to have some understanding of digital marketing and how it can benefit your business.

The importance of digital marketing in today’s world can not be underestimated and it’s something that doesn’t have to cost a fortune either. With a large majority of startup businesses being self-funded, having cost effective digital marketing strategies and understanding marketing automation is pretty much a no-brainer.

With so many potential customers constantly online and a large majority using social media channels, digital marketing is a sure fire way to stay ahead of the curve and promote your business or services.

Digital marketing provides real opportunity for your business to be creative and engage users. With the rise in use of technology, the need for digital marketing is increasing too.

We have put together a short list of very simple digital marketing strategies that can be easily implemented to assist you in making your business grow.

Facebook Flex Targeting

Flex targeting allows you to serve up Facebook adverts to individuals who share a combination of similar interests and specific demographics. So in plain English, this means that you can create adverts for your business for specific target audiences. Not only that, but you can also decide where geographically you want to push the advert out.

So for example, if you were running a special promotion to the residents of Milton Keynes there would be absolutely no reason to have this advert be seen by users living outside of say a 25-mile radius. What flex targeting allows you to do is directly target a local or national audience or if required an audience of a certain demographic or with similar interests.

One good example would be if you happened to be a local retailer which wanted to promote a new line childrenswear for the summer. So targeting users who are parents, live in the local area and lets say also have an interest in shopping – they would be the ideal audience.

Flex targeting in Facebook allows you to select various different options like the ones detailed above and also allows you to set your budget. Facebook will also give you an estimated number of how many users will see your advert based on how much you are willing to spend. This in turn allows you to budget accordingly and even experiment with alternative adverts.

Instagram Adverts

We know what you’re thinking. Does this mean we have to have an Instagram profile? Well, in fact you don’t. Instagram adverts are now managed using Facebook. Another bonus is that you can add direct links to your services or any URL for that matter and it doesn’t need to come via an Instagram profile.

Because Instagram adverts are managed via Facebook, this means that all the smart features mentioned above for Facebook flex targeting are available for any adverts you wish to run on Instagram.

We’re big fans of Instagram and many of the adverts that do appear from time to time are both engaging and at times pretty amusing too. Adding Instagram to your digital marketing strategy allows you to communicate your brand to a large audience in various and compelling ways. It’s a very effective way to drive results.

Video Remarketing In Google AdWords

This subject probably deserves an article all on it’s own and it’s something we may post shortly after this as it can be fairly in-depth. So what is it we hear you say? We’ll let Google explain what it means:

A Remarketing Audience is a list of cookies or mobile advertising IDs that represent a set of users to which you want to show one or more targeted ads. You create Remarketing Audiences in Analytics based on user behavior, and then use those audiences as the basis for remarketing campaigns in your other ad accounts like AdWords and DoubleClick Bid Manager.

So what this allows is far more precise results. Once added, you can can then import them into AdWords. Further more, you could then create custom audiences on Facebook and then retarget that custom audience with your video adverts.

For more information on remarketing with Analytics here is a useful resource supplied by Google themselves.

Facebook Lead Adverts

With web users spending more time on their mobile devices what could be better that providing users a really simple way to connect to your business? That’s where Facebook Lead adverts come in.

We touched upon targeting specific users and audiences earlier and Lead adverts utilise this but where Lead adverts really come into their own is allowing you as a business to capture specific information. The information that you really care about. So whether or not you offer a service or you’re selling a product, you can encourage users to sign up for whatever it is you’re offering. With the information you then capture you can start to build a database of potential customers.

From a usability point of view it couldn’t be any easier for your potential customers to engage with your Lead advert. Because they are already signed into Facebook, completing field after field of personal information is not required.

All the forms are responsive too, meaning a mobile friendly user experience. Facebook Lead adverts are a great way to get inbound enquiries and should be considered as part of your cost effective digital marketing strategy. No question about it.


Above are just some of the more affordable ways to promote your business online. But before jumping in it’s worth spending just a little time to focus on what it is you want out of your digital marketing. This is when you create your strategy.

Our advice would be to start with a set of some clear objectives. Outline why you want to venture down digital marketing. Ask yourself who your target audience is. Are there various different demographics involved for example. Are there short term and long term goals? For example, some businesses may wish to drive more users to their website or a specific page. Some may wish to form relationships and develop trust between themselves and their potential customers.

The next step is to formulate a strategy for each campaign. How do you want your business to be perceived? How are you going to engage your audience? All these questions will help you begin to form an overall strategy and should start to open up the way for further ideas.

What’s great is that it forces some focus back on to your business. Digital marketing can quite easily put you back in touch with your brand and in return ensure that you’re a few steps ahead of your competitors.

Social media campaigns come in all shapes and sizes and even a unassuming member of the public can have for example, a video go viral and before they know it, they have reached a global audience without spending a penny.

So it’s good advice to set a budget. Start of small whilst you get to grips with it all. The support provided by Facebook and Google is very good so you’ll be pointed in the right direction and there are plenty of resources available online.

If time is an issue, we can assist you with getting your online campaigns setup. If you’d like to have a chat, give us a call on Milton Keynes – 01908 967359 or get in touch here.