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Creative MK: An Insight into Web Design in Milton Keynes

Web design in Milton Keynes was destined to be a successful combination. The web design community in Milton Keynes is huge and here’s why. Since Milton Keynes birth as a new city back in 1967, the city was always going to be in a prime position for businesses due to it’s location. Only 50-miles from London and with ideal transport links, Milton Keynes has often been seen as the overflow location for major businesses looking to relocate or expand away from the city. So it comes as no surprise that the creative community would flourish and here at westfourstreet web design, we couldn’t be any more happier to be based in Milton Keynes!

Web Design & Marketing in Milton Keynes

In January 2015, an article was published by the website, Recruiter which reported that Milton Keynes is top of the list of UK cities with the highest jobs growth. Not only that, in January 2016, The Telegraph reported that Milton Keynes was to lead the way in UK growth.

With so many businesses here, it comes as no surprise that the requirement for web design in Milton Keynes is high. Over the years the city has seen many large and established creative agencies relocate to the area to capitalise on the growth of the city. It’s now not very hard to find a creative business in the city who can provide print, brand, shopify store design tips and marketing solutions.

It’s not only well established creative agencies in Milton Keynes who are succeeding at providing web design services. There are others all over the country such as Influce, a web designing company that is there to help your business. You also have young graduates are also taking the leap of faith to go out into the world as freelance web designers or web developers. A web design company in Milton Keynes has the advantage in some respects to gaining new customers because the cost of having a website designed or developed is a lot less expensive that many of the creative agencies in London. Web design companies based here as well as Northampton and Oxford have all benefitted from the at times, inflated costs being quoted in London.

Web Design Community in Milton Keynes

If there was any evidence needed to support the case of a flourishing web design community in Milton Keynes, it’s the sheer number of social activities on hand for web designers, web developers and graphic designers in the area. A popular event locally is the MK Geek Night. According to their website, Milton Keynes Geek Night is a quarterly evening event for the creative community. Since it was established, the event has rapidly grown in the number of attendees and now boasts some of the best public speakers on the subject of web design and web development.

The Future of Web Design in Milton Keynes

Team mbers sitting around a table in a meeting
For Milton Keynes web design companies, the future looks good. With strong foundations in place, and in a city continuing to grow at a rapid pace, what does the future of web design hold for the creative companies based in the area?

With well established companies such as the Volkswagen Group, Infiniti Red Bull Racing, The Home Retail Group and Network Rail setup and flourishing in Milton Keynes, it’s clear evidence that the city provides the perfect location for growth. With this continued growth, the demand for web design will remain high. The city will naturally attract large corporate organisations, but more importantly it attracts those wishing to startup a small business too.

Each year, Milton Keynes College showcases the talent of its graduates at an exhibition held at Middleton Hall, in the heart of the shopping centre. Here at westfourstreet, we personally look forward to this event. It’s encouraging to witness first hand the talent that is being produced locally. It’s safe to say that the creative industry is in good hands. The event showcases mostly graphic designers and the standard of work is of high standard. The combination of talented creative designers in a city of rapid business growth forms the perfect hybrid.

Technology Lends a Hand

Milton Keynes has been for a long time, a city built around modern technology. Recent improvements to the infrastructure of the broadband services available to residents and companies based in the city have opened the way to web design companies looking to deliver richer web design experiences and better mobile apps and mobile website design. Included in these improvements was the arrival of 4G services in the area, meaning faster speeds for mobile users.

Invest Milton Keynes

Recently, a sign of the growth was highlighted by the Economic Development team at Milton Keynes Council. Invest Milton Keynes offers help and support to businesses in the area to take advantage of the ‘phenomenal growth and ongoing success’ in the city. The service is free to use and the team at Invest Milton Keynes are on hand to provide business information and support.

Final Thoughts

For web design agencies in Milton Keynes or freelancers branching out in graphic or web design, the city famous for its roundabouts and its concrete cows can also boast a business network which has a proven track record for being home to and establishing hugely successful businesses. Meaning that the demand for web design, a design agency or online marketing is unlikely to diminish any time soon. Milton Keynes will be developing more local businesses for years to come. However, online companies will also have the benefit of gaining business nationally or even globally thanks to the development of internet business.

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