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Westfourstreet are an award winning Milton Keynes based web design company, specialising in web design and online marketing. It began it’s digital life back in 2010 by it’s founder, Richard Bateman. He began his career as a web designer and developer back in 2005, but his passion for design and creativity has stretched back since his early teens.

In The Beginning

Richard honed his eye for design and detail and began to study web design and web development. He believes in designing and developing websites that are appealing, attractive and when required, break the mould of your typical layout, yet keeping them accessible and user-friendly. He believes that the web and mobile apps can be just as beautiful as print with the technology available today, such as HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery.

Before working as a freelance web designer, Richard worked at an Oxfordshire based design agency as lead web designer. And before that he worked as a web designer for T-Systems and Volkswagen.

What it boils down to is understanding your client, their ambitions and their target audience


In February 2016, westfourstreet expanded and one became seven. Over the past five years, the type of projects coming in have become far more dynamic and a more tailored package needed to be on offer. Now, we offer the full range of marketing for small and large businesses. From web to print design, through to social media expertise and copywriting.

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All members of our westfourstreet team are active members of the web community and we regularly attend the industry’s flagship events and conferences. Maybe perhaps to enjoy a few beers (or red wine) after, but also to stay focused on the latest trends and technology to be able to provide this to our clients. We do this to ensure that they, and their customers, get the best possible brand and user experience.



What’s with the name?

Richard, founder of westfourstreet, loves New York. His first visit was in his early 20’s and he instantly felt at home. No place better summed up the free spirit of the city for him than the basketball courts on West 4th Street; Strangers getting together to play the sport they love with every inch of passion they had. To him, that’s why westfourstreet seems so appropriate.

Have a project for us?

If you’re looking for an experienced and hugely talented web design team to create a new website for you or your business, or you’re looking for some help to promote your brand on the web, westfourstreet can provide a top notch service. With years of experience and a transparent method of working, you can’t go wrong. So step forward, come and say hello.

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Behind every successful project, there lies a creative team of individuals who all share the same common goal.
Delivering outstanding, award winning work.

Richard Bateman

37-year-old lead designer living in Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire. He began his career as a web designer and developer in 2004 before soon branching out and forming westfourstreet. He believes in designing and developing websites that are appealing, attractive and, when required, break the mould of your typical layout. Rock God, husband, dad to Halle & Austin, dog owner, Reading FC supporter, red wine addict, former badass in the gym.

Robyn Bateman

A former newspaper editor, Robyn has eight years’ experience in print and eight online and dreads to think how old that makes her. She’s an expert in creating lively and engaging content (audio, video, web copy, eNewsletters, social, hard news, human interest, you name it) for the appropriate channel and audience and loves nothing more than an integrated campaign. Robyn’s doing an MA in Online Journalism at BCU and is mum to Irish twins. Which is more challenging? She’ll get back to you.

Paul King

AMP Developer with 8 years in the industry handling everything from front end coding to global server deployments with load balancing and global content delivery. Paul has perfected the skill of developing websites which load ridiculously quick. Paul also has a beard and has perfected ‘the snarl’. We let him out to the public on weekends.

Angie McAllister

Angie’s broad experience ranges from editing an award-winning magazine to managing communications for the UK’s largest independent co-op, helping a small credit union share their news with their members to writing for a national travel magazine. She’s passionate about reading, watching and listening to anything quirky, edgy or unsettling and when she wants to use her body instead of her brain she enjoys nothing more than a yoga session or a dip in the pool.

Sam Hardacre

A pencil to Sam is what a light sabre is to a Jedi. He’s a 30-something maker of things using pencils, ink and watercolour. Stupidly talented, ridiculously creative, Sam’s had his work featured in many design magazines and online too. Aside from illustrating, Sam is also a damn fine web designer and lead front-end developer. Movie watcher, comic doodler and book reader by night, Sam is a husband and proud father too.

Steve Mulvey

The first self-motivated project Steve can remember was a cardboard pterodactyl mobile he made for his room, aged just eight! It was met with such critical acclaim that his friend Chris wanted one. Steve has been a designer ever since, working with recognised global brands including Marshall Amplification and Argos. His projects have included catalogues and brochures, to lifestyle magazine design and art direction. Steve too, has a beard but very little hair.

Tracy Buchanan

With an extensive background in communications, Tracy specialises in building and running social media campaigns, both organic and paid-for. From setting up social media profiles and growing followers to running campaigns and driving traffic, Tracy offers a full social media package. She’s also an expert in digital content and storytelling, from engaging copy to quick-fire videos. Did we mention that in her ‘spare’ time Tracy’s a best-selling published novelist with three books to her name, and more to come. She’s practically a celebrity! Impressive, huh?


Behind every great team, there lies a great mascot. Ralphie is our five-year old Cocker Spaniel. A keen walker and lover of food, he usually welcomes clients with a sniff, a paw (occasionally a bark, but it’s just bravado) and is fully available for stroking or patting. Note – Ralphie has zero creative input in to the business.



our clients

To name but a few… From small to large national business’ right through to international fashion designers – We love working for them all.

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